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An Angel Pigeon is a patron of the arts.
Angel Pigeons pre-pay for one or more commissions from an artist and the artist will offer those commissions "free" to people of their choosing.
An Angel Pigeon’s purpose is to support artists and art fans through a "pay it forward" commission model.

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Angel Pigeons

  • Copy these rules to pass along to an artist of your chosing.
  • Make sure the artist agrees to the rules.
  • Be generous.
  • Don’t disclose your identity to anyone but the artist. This isn’t about self publicity.
  • Pay the artist a proper rate. At minimum it should be their going rate, but if you think they undercut themselves, offer them a proper rate for their talent.
  • Recommended: Either start with a dollar amount and let the artist determine how many commissions they will do for that price, or start with how many commissions the artist is able to do, in a relatively short time period, and base the amount on their commission rate times number of commissions.


  • The artist will not reveal the identity of their Angel Pigeon.
  • The artist will decide, based on the amount of money donated, how many commission slots are open.
  • The artist gets to pick from those who request based on how clearly the person defines the art to be created and the artist’s ability to draw what is requested. If an artist isn’t good at what you request, they shouldn’t be obligated to do it.

Art Lovers

  • Don’t be a dick. If you are selected, you are getting something for free from an artist who is working hard to hone their craft. If you are unappreciative or become difficult to work with, the artist has the right to cancel the commission.
  • While the Angel Pigeon expects an artist to do their best to deliver the finished art in a timely fashion, as is professional and courteous, there will be no time limits put on completing the art. Please be patient, most artists have lives, sometimes chaotic, that come first.